Computer running slowly...

or not at all?


pcIf you are experiencing slow performance or are plagued with browser windows that seem to pop up all over the place, you are probably the victim of spyware, adware or a virus.

Maybe one of these annoyances has crippled your computer altogether and nothing seems to be working.

We can help.


  • Virus removal and prevention

  • Spyware and malware removal

  • Hardware/software installation and upgrades

  • Wireless Network setup and security

  • Data recovery and backup

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In-home repair...also pickup and delivery



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Service Area

We service the entire
Grand Rapids metro area.


$59 hour*

In-home diagnostics and repair.

Pickup and Delivery 

If it would be more convenient, and depending on the nature of service, we can pick up and deliver your PC or laptop at no additional charge.


* One hour minimum.
Additional time in 15 minute increments.



Operandus Tip


If you have not yet fallen victim to a virus or spyware, protect yourself...for FREE! Q2

Microsoft Security Essentials

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Microsoft's website.

AVG Anti-Virus

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AVG's website.

Operandus LLC has no association with
Microsoft or AVG Technologies.

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